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South Beloit, IL

Image by Viktor Smoliak

So, what's an Ox Berry?

While an "Ox Berry" may sound like some type of bullish fruit, it actually serves a symbolic name that deeply reflects who we are as people and the spirit of our farm.

Even before Eva and I were married, we always had a desire to "return to the land" and become farmers. Much of what we did in our lives prior was in hopeful anticipation of this goal. Just as many people of faith ask friends, family, pastors, or whomever to pray for them, we, as Catholics, believe that not only can our earthly brothers and sisters  "intercede" for us in prayer, but those holy men and women who have gone before us can do the same. We look to the example of those who have lived exemplary lives and ask them to aid us in asking God for things that we desire from this earthly life. 

"Ask and it will be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you....." Mathew 7:7 


The two faithful servants we turned to in prayer as we waited to move to and now tend our farm are St. Isidore the Farmer and his wife, St. Maria. Isidore is the Patron Saint of Farmers, and not necessarily because of his tireless effort toward farm work, but for his trust and desire toward closeness with God. As legend tells it, St. Isidore worked with other farmers under a wealthy nobleman to tend his crops. The other farmers became frustrated with Isidore and his devotion to God because while they started their work day early in the morning, Isidore attended mass. His work, however, never suffered. The owner of the farm used to say while Isidore was attending mass, his portion of the field would be worked by “angels leading oxen,” which is why he often depicted with a white ox. And while Isidore was working, there would be two angels working at his side so that he could do the work of three men. It is our hope that like St. Isidore we will always keep God first, trusting that if we are good and faithful servants, in some way or other, He will guide the way toward His perfect plan for us, whether it be with angels and an ox, or something else that is yet to be seen. 

Sts. Isidore & Maria, pray for us! 


Thank you for visiting our farm and we hope to see you again soon! 


God Bless,


Mitch, Eva, & Family

Fresh Blueberries


While our farm is not officially certified organic due to the lengthy and excessive process for a farm of our size, we are committed to using only the Organic Materials Review Institute's (OMRI) approved inputs on our berry farm. 

If you would like to read OMRI standards,

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